Erin Ellerbach Got Wicked Drunk to Teach Her Middle School Gym Class

enter First, let’s admit, we all get a bit holier-than-thou when covering the sins and lesser angels of our fellow human beings. While it’s easy in some of these more heinous criminal cases to state unequivocally, “I’d never do that”, it become rather more glass-houses thinking when facing, say, a middle school gym teacher getting her drink on before facing hordes of screaming and petulant preteens who don’t want to climb the damn rope.

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click here Erin Ellerbach was fired from her P.E. teacher gig at Jefferson Middle School in Dubuque, Iowa this week when everybody and their mother, or sister I guess, could smell liquor on her breath and questioned her red eyes and slurred speech during her daily grind in the gym. School administrators insisted Ellerbach take a breath test, which revealed a .224 BAC, which for reference sake, equals hella drunk. A quick tour of her office thereafter revealed an open can of Mike’s Harder Strawberry Lemonade, the drank of choice for happening Iowa gym teachers, and two more closed cans sitting in the fridge. This girl was ready to party. Ellerbach was charged by the cops with public intoxication, which is a minor offense, but it led to her immediate termination from Jefferson Middle School, where she was either the worst or best teacher on campus, depending how you view wicked-lit female gym teachers. 

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follow url Not that we’d all get stupid drunk on Mike’s Lemonade if we taught middle school, but most of us would at least once. Actually, that’s an unfair and unsupportable statement, so I’ll stick with the basics: I would.

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