Erika Jayne Nude Instagram Remains

viagra and pumping penis The rules of Instagram and Facebook posting are unclear. I don’t mean as to that Russian political, or random partisan or Alex Jones rants. The more important stuff — nudity.

can you get viagra on prescription If you’re one of the large unwashed masses, you typically will find your content posted to the Zuckerberg platform empire is old-lady-eyeballed as to any hint of depravity, let alone a random bare nipple. I’ve lost Facebook accounts over a semi-see-through top on a bikini model photo; obscenity!

If you’re a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality TV type person with nearly two million followers, bare-ass and middle-aged plastic surgery refined blonde bottoms up becomes a viable option. Talk about unfair business practices.

Erika Jayne on Bravo

Erika Jayne, who claims to be a dance-pop singer discovered in her 30’s or twenty-years past most of the pubescent pop star finds, posted this party-in-the-rear photo to Instagram where it generated expected results. Many men become aroused without knowing who this woman is (oh, men) and many women posted judgmental comments about how Jayne was better than this kind of behavior. How she was better than this was obviously never clearly defined — or factually accurate.

Click to See Erika Jayne's skin scenes on Mr. Skin
Click to See Erika Jayne’s skin scenes on Mr. Skin

Jayne will suffer no consequences for her blatant nude posting, save for another 100K followers and an additional year pretending she’s a music star.

No crime has been committed here. Save for another inequitable Facebook empire content decision by a company that trumpets the fact it’s not a content company. I miss the old days.

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