source Lest you think the U.S. and the U.K. are the only places where this wave of female teacher and teen boy sexual intercourse is occurring, a story out of the very traditional city of Agra, India is creating scandal in that nation’s newspapers.

follow url A fifteen year old boy has come forward to accuse his female English tutor and the tutor’s younger sister, of sexually exploiting him via blackmail for the past nine months. The blackmail made possible by lurid pictures of the boy taken after he was plied with alcohol by none other than the female English tutor’s older brother. Some family.

dove comprare viagra generico pagamento online a Verona The fifteen year old claims that the tutor who came highly recommended was actually the brother in the family, who passed along the boy to his sister to teach. He likely knew of her predilections. Not long into the teaching tenure, the teen boy was asked to start bringing cigarettes and then booze to the home where he was taught. You know smokes and liquor are going to lead to something nefarious, at least it does in those movies they make encouraging you not to drink or smoke.

pros cons buying levitra online One day the younger sister of this tutor caught a glimpse of what was happening, and demanded that she be made a party to it. Once the siblings had naked photos of the fifteen year old in compromising positions, they blackmailed him for more sexual encounters, and also insisted he begin stealing items from his mother to bring to them. According to the report the boy finally made to the police when he’d had enough: “She (his teacher) and her sister drugged me one day and took objectionable pictures. They later forced me to watch porn and perform sexual acts as their brother took pictures. They then forced me to steal my mother’s jewelery.”

get link The brother in the story was arrested, while the two sisters went on the lam and remain at large.

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 200 mg spedizione veloce a Milano No clue as to the penal charges against this family. India is a strange place with an old school caste system and religious divisions that seem to complicate the hell out of its justice system. You might get punishment of six hours making daisy necklaces or death by being drawn and quartered. Kind of a crapshoot.

enter site Agra, India is home to the fame Taj Mahal wonder of the world. Also, some very shitty English tutors.