Elizabeth Guerrero, 68, is accused of running over her granddaughter’s ex with an SUV. The incident occurred last week, after Guerrero’s granddaughter, 22-year-old Elizabeth Morales, got into an argument with her ex, 20-year-old Gilberto Gaytan.

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click here Morales and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter were in the car at the time, according to authorities, and left the scene with Guerrero when she drove off. She later turned herself in, appearing in court in a wheelchair, and was arrested along with Morales, while the little girl remains with Child Protective Services. Authorities believe the fight was over the custody of the child, who, tragically, has no father and whose mother is facing jail time. Though Morales is not accused of killing Gayton, she is facing unrelated drug charges stemming from a prior incident.

enter site Neighbors said they found Gayton’s body in the street. Police reported seeing neighbors attempting to tend to the victim as they arrived, to no avail.

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Helen Ford (Cook County Jail) Though grandmothers are often seen as the most saintly of our species, we recently heard about another vindictive one. Helen Ford was convicted of murdering her granddaughter, 8-year-old Gizzell Ford, whom she tortured to death. The girl had been tormented on a regular basis by Ford, who tied her up, forced her to maintain the same position for hours on end, left her without food or water, and abused her to the point where a judge stated her body “looked like it had been pulverized from head to toe.” Ford is serving life in prison for her crimes.

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canadian levitra use feedback Featured Image: Elizabeth Guerrero (Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office)

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