Elementary School Teacher Posting Pornographic Cartoons

click Parents of fifth and sixth graders at the Thompson Brook School in Avon, Connecticut are ripe with anger over a teacher at the post school posting adult cartoons to social media accounts and websites visited by students. It’s unclear if those are websites students CAN access if they’re Internet savvy, or if the sites are specifically those frequented by students at the school. Either way, bad form, teach.

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order female cialis in canada pharmacy “Parents said they did not learn of the online postings until recently but said they were widely known among students at Thompson Brook and that the activity has been happening for a long time.”

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-levitra-Napoli The school district has placed their trust in the school superintendent to conduct an investigation along with the local district attorney as to whether or not these postings constitute any manner of crime. Though it’s hard to imagine posting crude cartoons to your Twitter or Facebook account or an LOL forum of some inane kind constitutes a crime, even if children are accessing the content. Not your problem unless you’re encouraging that. Though the school might feel otherwise about the teacher’s moral turpitude in relation to employment.

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http://creativelittleparties.com/?search=propecia-causes-sterility The teacher in question is under administrative leave pending some kind of decision about something. That’s not sitting right with all parents at the school. Said one such parent at the recent school board meeting:

go to link “I am disgusted that she is on leave. She should be arrested. If I showed that to my neighbor’s kids, I would be arrested.”

http://cancersupportmontana.org/?search=canada-generic-propecia Looks like somebody’s not a fan of due process. This is why we allow parents to rant, but not actually be in charge of jailing suspects. Half the school faculty and everybody who ever wore a hoodie walking through the neighborhood would be serving ten year sentences for non-adjudicated charges.

best price free cialis no prescription Now then, can we see the cartoons in question? Guessing they’re fairly hilarious.

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