follow link Krystal Wilson, 31, who goes by Krystal Clunis at the elementary school in Ontario, Canada where she teaches, was arrested on charges of diddling around with a 10-year old boy in her classroom during the previous school year. Wilson is an avid R&B singer and performer with a record out which may account for her multiple last names. Unaccounted for is the reasons why she might be having sexual contact with a ten year old. Though it’s worth noting not only she but her friends and family are all proclaiming her total innocence.

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source link We do live in an era where the presumption of innocence has all but been lost in sexual assault cases, though in the case of a young boy accusing a grown woman, the constructs and players are obviously all mixed up. Those who know Wilson are insisting this is a matter of a false accusation by the boy, for whatever reason. A tough sell in 2018 regardless of the gender variants. Even though kids are prone to lying, almost all of these teacher-student sex cases have resulted in guilty pleas or convictions. Not that the presumption of innocence is lost legally, but in terms of the schools, you have to remove these employees the minute there’s an accusation, let alone an arrest.

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enter site Wilson currently teaches at Roland Michner Public School in Ajax, Ontario, but during the previous year she was at the Da Vinci Public School. She’s also taught at two other schools in the district in recent years, meaning there are a lot of kids that need to be asked if Ms. Wilson ever took them to the woodshed for something other than a punishment. A dirty business, but better it come out now than 36 years from now in an accusation nobody can any longer prove.


go here Wilson was released on $5,000 bond pending further adjudication, under an order she not be alone around any children.