The victim in this case remains unidentified as she was twelve when the sexual abuse began and sixteen when Las Cruces, New Mexico, elementary school teacher Jessica Biszick-Lee, 43, and her husband, Bruce Lee, 53, were ultimately arrested for the sex crimes and related coverup. But suffice it to say, the girl in question claimed the abuse took place at home. So she’s either the daughter, stepdaughter, or other charge living in the home.

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buy cialis australia Back in 2015, Biszick-Lee actually called the authorities to report the abuse when the girl was twelve. But at some point in the investigation, after her husband denied all the allegations and insisted the girl was making up charges to seek revenge, Biszick-Lee sided with her husband against the girl’s accusations. Ultimately authorities closed the investigation without any arrests.

other fertility drugs like clomid for sale Cut to the last week of July, 2018, when the girl, now sixteen, insisted the sexual abuse was still occurring, and occurring at home. Another New Mexico state investigation began and this time the female victim was found to have the DNA (a.k.a. semen) of Bruce Lee on her body. That’s rather hard to explain. So tough so that Lee was promptly arrested for sexual abuse and penetration, and his school teacher wife, Biszick-Lee, was arrested for being complicit in the coverup lo these many years. It always somehow seems sadder when mom knows what dad is up to and does nothing. Not just seems, it really is.

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click here The Las Cruces public school district is refusing to comment on the status of Jessica Biszick-Lee who teaches special-ed at the University Hills elementary school, but you’d hope she’s not in the classroom with kids. No teachers’ union is that powerful. You’d hope.