Sure it’s easy to write off the 22-year old woman having sex with a 17-year old boy as something that was probably common throughout most of human history, or at least more common with the older male, but there is Arizona law to consider, and that law says 18 is the age of consent. And doubly bad form if you, the older party, happen to be a teacher in the state.

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go to site It’s unclear if┬áDr. Daniel Bright Elementary School teacher, Isabella Bowman, broke any of those teachers can’t sleep with students of any kind rules, or if she’s simply being nailed on having sex with a boy not the age of majority, but the young teacher was arrested in Cottonwood, Arizona for sex crimes resulting from her sexual relationship with a teen boy. Her school was quick to point out that the boy in question was not a current or former student of Ms. Bowman, and none of the sex took place in the grade school. That’s a relief. I mean, a civil legal suit relief.

source Bowman was also found in possession of marijuana when arrested, which depending on the County in Arizona, could be worse than the sex with a minor beef. Either way, she’s in big trouble, though as always, she’s still being paid while on administrative leave.