In case you were wondering whether female teachers intended to keep seducing their high school students in 2017, yep. A Spanish teacher at Franklin High School in Baltimore County, Maryland is being sought in connection with a video tape that kind of sort of shows her having sex with one of her school’s sixteen year old students. The digital video is a new wrinkle to the female teacher sexcapades. Could 2017 become even worse than the previous year? Criminally worse that is, not speaking from the perspective of the teen boy whose Spanish teacher wants to have sex with him on camera. Ah, shucks, senorita.

There’s very little known about Ekatherine Pappas other than she’s a recent graduate of Loyola University in Maryland and she likes her sex on the taboo ad recorded side. The Spanish teacher appears to be on the lam following a warrant issued for her arrest. Police are asking for the public’s help in finding Pappas who they surmise has fled the country. Though not asking for help so much so that they might release a photo of the teacher. You know, like the one that exists in her background check file you created before hiring her to make sure she wasn’t the kind of teacher who might have sex on camera with a junior.

It’s unclear who turned over the sex tapes to school authorities, only that the sexual acts took place over the Winter Break and it obviously wasn’t the boy himself. Parents most likely. They ruin everything. Or, from a more humane perspective, saved their son from potentially months and months of having kinky sex with the Spanish teacher. When is Parents Days again? You’re going to want to send something nice.