see url On a scale of Western pop music video debauchery, Egyptian singer Shyma’s new music video, roughly translating to “I have issues”, would rate a three, maybe four. Every single Miley Cyrus video from 2012 to 2015 was far more lewd. But Miley Cyrus doesn’t live in an Islamic nation in the Middle East, which while relatively progressive, still arrests women for showing too much skin, even in works of art. Such as this may be.

follow site In the music video, clearly intended to be sexually provocative, Shyma seems to be portraying a naughty school teacher with a male only classroom. Obviously this leads to seductively eating a banana, after pouring milk over the bunch, dancing her lingerie, and bending over for male students in a tight skirt. Not all that different from the female teachers we cover on this site really, though they save the banana licking for the boys in the backs of their cars.

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acquistare cialis senza ricetta Shyma claimed she didn’t foresee any controversy. That seems plainly to be a lie. But good way to become internationally famous.

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follow site Media outraged ensued upon release of the video, followed shortly thereafter by Shyma’s arrest on one big count Incitement to Debauchery (of the Youth), which translates in layman’s terms to giving boys boners. A moral offense in Egypt, or the entire point of popular music here in the U.S. Shyma’s being held in detention for a period of four days. After which time she can either choose to be married off to a well connected sheik or be stoned to death, or both, though in that particular order.

comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Firenze You really want to root for some level of decency in public displays of art aimed at the teens. But you also realize that putting somebody in charge of the decency for everyone inevitably means hot chicks with nice bodies being arrested for debauchery and you don’t want to live in that world. Egypt seems like a decent place to visit. I’d not set up shop there and update my Spotify for local music.