Egypt Robinson Sentencing Phase

Egypt Robinson is the kettle. Tiffany Powell is the pot. Allow us to explain.

Egypt was in prison for murdering her three-year-old son because she believed him to be the second coming of Adolf Hitler. To this day, her cellmate (Powell) said, she has not cried or expressed any regret for the death of the little boy, whose body she stuffed in a suitcase after stabbing him in the stomach the day after Christmas, 2015, the Washington Post reports.

Pretty damn bad, we’ll concede, and definitely worthy of the label that Powell heaped on her in telling the authorities. “It’s sick, it’s, she’s sick. She’s a sick individual,” Powell said.

Agreed. After all, when you break down how she did it and the relationship of the victim to his killer, it’s about as shocking of a thing as we’ve heard about in the last few years. (And that’s saying something considering this is the Internet, and you can watch beheadings pretty much at your leisure.) But is Powell the best spokesperson in this case?

Oh, I don’t know. Does killing a woman and beating another one so severely that she almost dies in front of your own children get you any street cred as some kind of moral authority? If not, then Ms. Crazypants’ cellmate is not in much of a position to judge, because that’s exactly what she and her husband have been in jail for since February 2015, according to the news site.

It is impossible to find amusement in any crimes of this nature, but the moral hierarchies of cold-blooded killers like these two ladies are fascinating enough to draw a chuckle, don’t ya think? I guess if we just had to pick between the two, Powell is in a little better position, but we’re not sure we’d be eager to test for an afterlife if we were either of these two.

And how about Florida? Not only did both of these horrible crimes go down in-state, but they also somehow managed to put this protein mix of psychotics in the same cell together. That’s a lot of crazy.

As for Robinson, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, so if that makes you feel better, you should be able to sleep easier in another 40 or 50 years when they actually go through with it.

(Featured Image: Bay County Sheriff’s Department)