Dovie Nickels Arrested for Non-Stop Public Masturbation Here’s the thing. If you’re going to be a lousy drunk, with dozens of public intoxication and minor crimes arrests, pick a name like Jane Smith. At least people won’t be able to track you and your arrests so easily on the Internet. Obviously, you don’t name yourself, but parents, you kind of know if your kid is going to grow up into this, consider that super common name. Save the odd names for those will be great success stories and have cool Wiki pages.

watch I count twenty separate arrests for Austin, Texas area 20-something Dovie Nickels in the past six years. Almost all for public intoxication, with a smattering of drug paraphernalia, some resisting arrests and being physical with the cops. On her Facebook page she actually bragged about that time she landed a blow on a cop and was arrested. Assume she was also drunk at the time. But where do really graduate to as a millennial aged heavy drinking young woman often arrested for staggering through the streets of Austin? Very public masturbation.

find and buy real viagra brand A Marriott Hotel employee in Austin called the cops on Tuesday afternoon to report, “a woman across the street “holding a silver object” against her privates “with her legs straight up in the air, spread open.” And, naturally, he reported hearing her moaning loudly. Which if you can hear it across the city street during rush hour, is loudly. The hotel employee went across the street to ask Dovie Nickels to stop frigging herself, but she angrily rebuked him. He obviously didn’t know of her 20 previous arrests. She did move to a second outdoor location next door where she continued her dramatic masturbation.

go to link Cops arrived to question Nickels, who you’ve had to guess they already know by reputation as a huge pain in the ass. Nickels tried to innocently cover for her behavior, but the cops noted she wasn’t wearing any pants, and put her in the back of the squad car. That’s where cops report that, even in handcuffs, Dovie Nickels continued to pleasure her genitals. Cops in Austin are surely nicer than say, cops in New York, where she would’ve been more forcefully dealt with for being so horrendously nasty.

The most recent of Dovie Nickels’ twenty mugshots over past six years in Texas.

buy no rx viagra Nickels was charged with indecent exposure, given her highest bail yet at $3K, and awaits the chance to terrorize the streets of Austin once more soon. It might be wise for the locals to consider chipping in for a bus ticket for dear old-young Dovie.

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