Do You Love Your Boyfriend Enough to Throw Him Drugs Over a Prison Wall? Brittany Fitzgerald, 28, and her unnamed man on the inside, of prison, that is, apparently didn’t know that calls from inside the joint are routinely monitored, including the one where the inmate asked his lady friend to stroll by his prison and toss narcotics over the fence for his later pleasure and or sale, presumably.

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10mg prednisone dosepack When Fitzgerald arrived in the parking lot of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in Louisiana, police were waiting for her and her bag of goodies ready to be tossed over the fence. According to an arrest report from the local sheriff’s deputies, Fitzgerald was found in possession of:

enter site Р0.8-grams of heroin follow link Р0.5-grams of crystal methamphetamine РTwo-sealed Suboxone packs, bupreorphine 8-milligram/naloxone 2-milligram sublingual film РTwo-hypodermic needles, one of which loaded with 15-cubic centimeters of suspected heroin and the other with 15-cubic centimeters of suspected Naloxone
– One-vial of Naloxone HCI 0.4-milligram/one-milligram doses
РZip-up case with small cotton balls, pieces of blue latex glove, and Triple РAntibiotic/Pain Relief ointment 

enter According to arrest report from EBRSO The Sheriff’s office lists the time of the arrest as 4:20, without so much as an ounce of irony. Either way, Fitzgerald is now likely headed behind bars, following her arrest on multiple Possession With Intent to Distribute charges, plus additional counts for bringing drugs onto prison property. The things we do for love. Also, stupidity, please don’t discount stupidity.
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