Diane Zamora was a beautiful young teenager who got to experience her first love, her first heartbreak, her first kill and her first night in jail all in a year’s time. She foolishly squandered her bright future to answer the green-eyed monster’s siren song, and now she’ll die behind bars.

Back in 1995, Diane was in love with a student at a different high school. His name was David Graham. They planned to marry on August 13, 2000 after they both graduated college. Diane was committed to remaining a virgin until that date, but David, well, not so much. Despite this supposed devotion to one another, David soon revealed that he had cheated on her with Adrianne Jones. David and Adrianne were both members of the track team at their high school. A devastated and envious Diane felt there was only one way for her lover to right this wrong: he had to kill her.

On December 4, 1995, David called Adrianne and asked her out on a date. Adrianne wouldn’t have been allowed to go on the late-night rendezvous, but she slipped out of her house and allowed David to pick her up. She did not know that Diane was hiding in the hatchback area of the car.

The plan was that David would take Adrianne to a remote area, where Diane would rise up behind her and snap her neck. Once she was dead, they’d weight her body down and dumped it in a lake. Now that works in movies, but silly Diane didn’t realize that snapping someone’s neck is much harder in real life.

The couple struggled with Adrianne, and she escaped, sprinting away from them across the field. David would later say that Diane told him they couldn’t let Adrianne go, lest she tattle on them, so David chased her down and shot her. Diane asked him to shoot her a second time, just to be sure, so he did.

They went home and Adrianne’s body was discovered the following day, right where they had left it.

For nine months, no one knew what had happened to Adrianne. Devastated classmates wandered the halls of her former school in disbelief and grief. But eventually, Diane dished to one of her classmates who ratted her out to police.

The tawdry teen love triangle depicted by the media may not have been as such. Whether Adrianne and David actually had sex is up for debate. Friends of Adrianne say that it’s unlikely, and that what’s more feasible is that she thought David was having a rough time and agreed to offer him an ear. David at one point said he never slept with Adrianne, but had lied about it to Diane for no apparent reason. Later, he said that he had in fact slept with Adrianne, but had changed his tune at the advice of his lawyers.

Both were arrested and tried separately. Both were sentenced to life in prison. David has since turned to ministry and is studying to become a pastor. He has since married a woman named Charlotte Gilliam. Diane also married. She married Steven Mora, a thief who was serving four years for threatening someone. They married without ever meting in 2003, but they divorced in 2010.

Photo Credit: YouTube