Dexter Manawat admits he is not the best neighbor, particularly when it comes to yard care. But what he captured on a video that he would later upload to Facebook was a bit overkill when it comes to voicing a complaint. The woman who lives next door to Dexter, who is Filipino by birth, unleashed a verbal assault that would make Donald Trump blush, calling Manawat’s people “orange savages” among other things.

13 Action News in Las Vegas spoke with both Manawat and the neighbor about the incident. That photo you see above of a woman’s hands in the pockets of her hoodie are about as close as you are going to get to an identification, for obvious reasons. If you are not in a position to hear the comments for yourself, here’s what went down.

The two got into an argument over raking leaves, and the unnamed woman says something to the effect of “Where did you come from?,” but only try to envision it through the voice of a Grand Wizard.

“Where did I come from?” Manawat asks. His neighbor responds, “from some piece of shit, Manila-ass, fuckig ghetto living under a tarp piece of shi land.” She also throws out the “orange savages” line later in the video, to which Manawat confessed he had “never been called orange before.”

(Well, Dexter, some have.)

When the news site caught up to the neighbor, she had a markedly different attitude towards Dexter, claiming that she reacted out of anger and that she “stooped to the lowest possible denominator to hurt someone because I was angry.”

“I wasn’t raised that way,” she added.

Manawat and his neighbor have said they are both willing to sit down with a mediator to see if she can do something about the verbal cross-burning and he can maybe rake up those damn leaves in a timely manner. (New year, new hopes and all of that.)

We don’t know. It’s possible. But if you are going to lose your mind over leaves, chances are there is something stronger brewing than simply hatred for one person. Someone should probably move.

(Featured Image: 13 Action News, linked above)