Detroit Woman Pulls Knife At Toy Giveaway

source What would the holiday season be without some tale of crazies going after one another over trivial objects using (potentially) deadly force? Not to disappoint, we thought it wise to share this little number from the Detroit region. As if it was not inappropriate enough to pull something like this during Christmas, an unnamed 39-year-old woman doubled down and chose a charity toy giveaway to act like a total ass clown. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many details released on the perpetrator, so no chance of a picture or anything like that, but ABC News reports that she pulled a knife on another woman at the toy giveaway in which “a few hundred” people were present “waiting in line on the city’s northwest side Saturday night (Dec. 23),” the site stated. While no injuries were reported — at least not physical — the woman had two children with her, and this cannot have left a good mental impression at a time in human development (childhood) when kids are very impressionable. If these poor boys/girls turn out to be knife-wielding psychopaths, we will have a good idea of when their journey began.

buy no rx viagra For now, they are safe and sound (maybe) in the care of family.

generic propecia best price mail order Giveaway organizer John Cromer told the media that “people are already under a lot of stress and tension this time of year” and “all it takes (is) for some people to step on somebody’s shoes or to bump into somebody the wrong way and then a fight ensues.” So true. One need only look at this exhaustive list of Black Friday disasters to believe.

go The most recent case of Black Friday assholery occurred at an Alabama shopping mall that TMZ reported back in November.

go site Gatherers at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Ala., duked it out for some sweet deals, good parenting and example-setting be damned.

As the site reported, police arrived to stop the fighting, and one officer could be spotted in the video above holding back a woman who, the site described, “is out of control” with “another shopper being held down by security.”

The altercation did not result in any arrests.

(Featured Image: Fox 8)

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