lasix or furosemide infusion The appeal of sex is obvious. The appeal of sex in public in relatively plain view of families attending the Wisconsin State Fair is less so. It’s possible to have an exciting sex life without committing a crime. I would hope. Still processing.


vardenafil originale 20 mg economico Desiree Anderson, 28, and her ex-husband, Robert Beasley, 28, decided to get it on in the concession stands area of the open air animal coliseum of the State Fair just outside of Milwaukee. It’s a massive barn like structure designed for dog and pony shows. Literally, it’s a livestock and animal husbandry exhibition arena. If that’s not stimulating to the human reproduction urges, what is?

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levitra and tinnitus While it’s nice to see a divorced couple who says they will remain friends to actually remain friendly enough to get into the missionary position in the seating area of the snack stands, presume an onlooker is going to film you via cellphone and upload that video to social media. In which case, tell ole Mr. Beasley not to smile and wave to the camera as he plows you because it makes him look somewhat complicit.

acquistare vardenafil Lazio The video naturally went viral, became a large local news story, and the cops were forced to identify and ultimately arrest both parts of the public sex duo on charges of being jackasses who couldn’t keep it in their pants in a public forum. Beasley, the part-time local professional wrestler, bonded out of jail for $400, while his ex-wife Anderson remains locked up in Milwaukee County Jail. Affection for your ex-wife only goes so far. Sure, you’ll boink her at the State Fair, but four hundred bucks bond is asking too much. On, Wisconsin.

lasix dosages pets Photo credit: TheSmokingGun