Denton Guyer Teacher Charged With Sex With Student Denton Guyer High School teacher, drug like viagra for women Jeana Wesson, 46, turned herself into authorities this week in Texas after being charged with an improper relationship with a student. Read as, she is alleged to have had sex with a 17-year old male student in her classroom.

pilule viagra prix pharmacies The age of consent in Texas is 17, but as with most Southern states these days, Texas maintains a law preventing high school teachers from having sex with their students of any age. The felony charge and penalties are fairly similar to as if the student was underaged. Hence, crazy illegal.

Wesson Taught Chemistry at Denton Guyer High School

follow link Guyer High School is commonly referred to as Denton Guyer High School due to its location in Denton, Texas. The school appears, like many Texas high schools, quite heavily obsessed with high school football. Not much is known about Jeana Wesson. Denton Guyer has removed her name and profile from the staff directory. What appears to be her social media accounts have been removed. However, we do know she was a chemistry teacher and a swim coach at the high school.

Denton Guyer High School takes their football very seriously.

source url Also of note, there is a Rick Wesson on the staff directory listed as a football coach and teacher. It’s unclear if the two are related in a manner such as marriage. If so, bad jiu-jiu.

Jeana Wesson Accused of Performing a Sex Act with Her Student

viagra fast delivery According to the arrest report, Wesson is alleged to have exchanged photos and videos of a sexual nature with a 17-year old student at Denton Guyer High School in 2017.

enter site Naturally, this never stops there. Wesson is alleged to have had sex of some nature with the boy in her classroom during 2017 as well.

buy viagra online With information from an unnamed source, you hope it’s not the kid himself, police received a search warrant presumably to check Wesson’s electronic devices. The results of that warrant led to her arrest the very next day, so presume the damning evidence was found.

see url As always, we wonder why perfectly educated female teachers, as horny and troubled as they may be, do not understand that photo and video and text evidence will be the ruin of them. Otherwise, who’s to say the claim isn’t merely a fantasy of a boy in your class with a crush?

Wesson Was Placed on Administrative Leave You’d think that schools might fire teachers accused of sexual crimes against students, but rules are rules, as are unions. Typically the teachers are placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of these cases.

generic drug name for viagra Large districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District have dedicated “rubber rooms” where teachers who are removed from class due to criminal accusations report each day for work to hang out to account for their pay, until matters are settled. This could be months. Or even years.

jakafi drug maker of viagra As with all of these cases, the Denton ISD (school district) issued a rote statement confirming the administrative leave and assuring the public that student safety is their prime concern.

viagra mail order uk To be fair, nobody might suspect the 46-year old chem teacher of getting jiggy with a teen student. Or they wouldn’t before the past couple of years. Now every teacher has to be considered, man and woman.

Texas Remains the Hot Bed of Teacher-Student Sex

As we’ve noted before, an inordinate number of teacher-student sex cases, especially the female teacher cases we follow, seem to come out of Texas. Texas is a large state, but we see more from the Lone Star State than New York or California, or even crazy Florida.

This may be related to the fact that schools and law enforcement are simply more adept and honed in on these cases in Texas. It’s unlikely something in the water there. So it is possible they are aligned with other state instances, only the teachers in those other states are simply caught less.

Nevertheless, in the past year alone, we’ve seen numerous cases of female teacher sex crimes alleged in Texas.

Jeana Wesson’s arrest is now the fourth female teacher arrest in just a third day period, including Casarah Velez of Buckholtz alleged to have had sex with a male student, Joanna Atilano of Fabens High School busted for sex with her student, and Gianna Bednarski accused of having multiple rounds of sex with a 15-year old boy at Brazosport High School. One month, people!

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