Deidre Matthews and husband Jerry of Jay, Okla., were once honored as the adoptive parents of the year by the state of Oklahoma, an award that is sure to be rescinded now that the pair is going away for the next four years of their lives for just the sort of things that good parents would never do.

According to the Tulsa World, the 50-year-old and her husband inflicted a series of tortures on their adopted children, which included forcing a child to kill a pet kitten, forcing multiple children outside with no clothes on, keeping the kids home from school to hide injuries, and handcuffing and placing one of their children in a dog cage.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services had previously given the now-divorced pair their Adoptive Parents of the Year Award for northeast Oklahoma. That was in 2006. What could have happened to make everything go so bad in the span of just 10 years?

Well, if you are the non-gullible sort, you probably already know the answer to that question. Answer being, people do not just wake up one day and decide to go from awesome to asshole in 2.4 seconds.

No, it is likely that the pattern of abuse for which the Matthews are now paying was in place at the time the state was honoring them with awards.

That said, a DHS representative, presumably wanting to save face, said that when the Matthews adopted their children, “their home was not in the condition it later fell into, and they didn’t have all the animals they had at the time the abuse allegations were occurring.”

Sadly, no warning flags ever went up at the office in spite of the fact they were living in a two-bedroom, two-bath mobile home with nine children and what the Tulsa World calls “animal feces-infested.” With all the animals the couple owned — 50 in all — there would have been something badly wrong if shit weren’t all over the place.

Animal feces or not, though, one would think that in a 10-year span, DHS might have figured to check out such living arrangements a tad better than they did.

(Featured Image: Delaware County Sheriff’s Office)