Defrocked Teacher Beth Ann Scearce Getting Used to Mugshots

propecia brand 5mg Beth Ann Scearce made news way back when in 2013 when she was arrested for having sex with two different boys under the age of eighteen in the state of Tennessee. At the time Scearce was an elementary school teacher at the Christian Classical Academy and, quite frankly, people looking to make hay of Christians gone wrong turned her trysts into a big story on the pages of Huffington Post and the like.


source Scearce was on the early onset of this current wave of school teacher and other mom-aged women diving into teen hunky boy love and lust. Nevertheless, the statutory rape charges were filed and Scearce was placed into the Tennessee correctional system. It’s unclear precisely how much actual time behind bars Scearce may have served, but one of the proscriptions of her release was to register as a sex offender in the county of her residence. This is a standard protocol for released offenders. Every time you move.
Beth Ann Scearce in better days.

follow Scearce failed to register in Cherokee County as she was so ordered and was arrested this past week. The mugshots are beginning to pile up. You’d have to imagine this process is one that wears on the soul. Which you would think is warranted in the case of predatory pedophiles, though maybe slightly less so for a third grade Christian school teacher who found herself loved up by some teen boys. Definitely stupid, definitely immoral, but the public stockades for the remainder of you life might be considered somewhat of a heavy price.
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