Debra LaFave, The Hot Blond Godmother of Female Teacher Sex Scandals, Off Probation

comprare vardenafil in farmacia pagamento online Mary Kay Letourneau may have had modern history’s highest profile female teacher and young student sex scandal in the late 1990’s, but it was Debra LaFave in 2004 who put model looking young female teachers on the map for sexual romps with their young teen students.

click here Letourneau’s case was one of a weird and creepy kind of romantic love for a twelve year old boy in her class. She wanted to marry the boy and be mother to his children. And she did. And she went to jail for it. But in the cosmic sense, it was a courtship and loving relationship of some twisted kind. Debra LaFave on the other hand, was pure sexual mischief. The then 24-year old blond amateur model and Tampa Bay, Florida middle school teacher engaged in a torrid week of sex with a fourteen year old boy at her school. Details would later emerge of sex in the back of a car while the boy’s teen cousin drove them around, repeated fellatio, and even an account of the LaFave joining the boy on a trip to meet his aunt and cousin, as if she were his girlfriend of sorts. It was a fairly compressed time period. With lots of illicit and illegal indiscretions.

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how to buy cheap accutane LaFave became an instant international gossip topic and beauty queen following her arrest for lewd and lascivious conduct with the boy who basically copped to everything. Either because he was forced to confess or simply because he had one hell of a tale he simply had to share. LaFave had to be the best looking teacher for far and wide. This was quite an accomplishment for a young teen boy. This was really the first large scale story of a young female teacher, recently married, extremely eligible and attractive, bumping parts with a teen boy in the back of a car and at her apartment. LaFave’s deviant story and her good looks made for a prime time news event for much of the year that followed, until she ultimately pled guilty to the sexual indecencies, receiving multiple years of house arrest, long term probation that only ended this year, and registry on Florida’s sex offender’s list which continues ad infinitum.

follow url People magazine recently went back to investigate LaFave in a where are they now piece. LaFave herself has refused all interviews. She claims she still suffers to this day being recognized when out and about in the Tampa area, which makes you wonder why she doesn’t move, at least within Florida. Her friend put out a book earlier this year about LaFave that nobody read, but the gist is that LaFave is now a deeply Christian woman, raising twins. Those twins by a man she meet in 2011 whom she never married, so not super Christian, but now she’s remarried to yet another guy so maybe they’ve re-re-found Jesus. Hard to imagine, but LaFave is merely 37 years of age.

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source Without research which I refuse to do, it’s hard to say exactly the impact LaFave had on the now many female teachers with lust in their hearts and school boys on their loins that would follow. Were they inspired by LaFave to consider such relationships? Did she make it seems sexy or glamorous or even open their eyes to the wonder of boys? Could she have convinced young women of a more virile and naughty mentality that teaching was actually a hip and socially hot calling? Certainly this new wave of female teachers being arrested, like LaFave, are largely younger, newly or recently married, and by all evidence, rather desirable and certainly likely to be the source of much boy talk in the schools. You have to believe there is some inspiration from the hot godmother of all these women. Debra LaFave maybe never set out to be a trendsetter. She really simply wanted illegal and highly disturbing sexual relations. But a trendsetter she was. If only the teachers’ unions would allow for discovery and evidence to collected, we could note some patterns. Alas, they refuse to admit the predators in their midst. Even the ones who look amazing in bikinis.

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