Murderers and other fiends are, of course, quite despicable, but there’s a certain ugh to the type of human dumpster fire that preys on tiny animals. Deanna Carabello, 19,  of Cleveland is accused of picking up a wee puppy and smashing it against the ground so hard that she broke its neck and killed it. The puppy was only eight weeks old and weighed only 10 pounds. His name was Smokey.

Deanna and her boyfriend, also 19, were arguing in her home when, in a fit of rage, she grabbed the dog. After she’d killed him, she fled the scene.

What kind of monster hurts a puppy? (Image: Flickr)
What kind of monster hurts a puppy? (Image: Flickr)

When police arrived, they found two individuals in the backyard prepping a grave for the poor dog. They told officers what had happened, and they arrested Deanna a mere hour later.

She told officer she hadn’t meant to kill the puppy, but well, Deanne, ya did. She is now facing charges of fifth-degree felony animal cruelty.

Image: Cleveland City Jail