In many of these cases involving teachers or daycare workers or babysitters, or anybody responsible for supervising children as part of their full time work, the criminality involves violating that one overriding rule — don’t sexualize the children. Really, you can be a horrible caretaker of children in so many ways and keep your job in this economy and never be arrested. When you start simulating sex in front of them, you’ve cross the one and only line.

Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia, 25, decided to take entertainment hour at Super Kids daycare center in Chandler, Arizona into her own hands, when she pulled out a sex toy and began simulating sex in front of the wide-eyed kids. Of all the anxieties a working parent may have in dropping off their little kid to a place like this, I bet this never came to mind. Now it does. So hike those anxiety levels.

Garcia roped in co-worker Fatina Sawyer, 24, to assist in the filming and streaming to Snapchat for all the world to see. Proof again that most criminals in this world are far more stupid than criminally intelligent. Following the show, Garcia handed the sex toy to one of the kids for a cute promo shot. Sawyer apparently says something overtly sexual and icky to the boy. Good day’s work, ladies.

Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia.

The desire to be famous on social media for many outweighs any thought as to future consequences. An LOL video moment and many likes is akin to the rush of cocaine for many people. And very hard to think straight.

A former worker at Super Kids and associate of Garcia and Sawyer saw the video on her Snapchat and immediately called Super Kids to tell them maybe somebody in authority should shut this down. The former worker’s boyfriend did one better, he called the cops.

Fatina Sawyer.

Garcia and Sawyer were both arrested, as well as Janae Peterson, 21, who was also working with the video making ladies at the time and did nothing to stop them or report their behavior. That’s also a crime. Though she was later released on lesser charges. Garcia and Sawyer will not be so fortunate.