Day Care Worker, Andrea Day, Arrested For Her Part in ‘Pants-less’ Toddler Snapchat Video

how to get levitra Imagine that your job as a daycare worker for toddlers is judged largely by your ability not to break any of the serious employment rules. Parents have little to no idea what really goes on during the time they leave their children at daycare, so provided the kid comes back with smiles, no bruises, seems fed and has a couple happy crayon stories, it’s all good.

from online pharmacy propecia tablets canada An example of the serious employment rules might be, oh, say, don’t pull down a two-year old boys pants and expose his naked genitalia off in a Snapchat video. Even if it’s supposed to be hilarious and you imagine nobody is getting hurt, nope, you’re wrong and you’re about to be both arrested and fired.

best place to buy generic sildenafil Andrea Day, 29, the kitchen lady at the Acelero Learning Academy daycare center in Henderson, Nevada, somehow agreed to be the camera operator and uploader of a video featuring two Acelero co-workers pant-sing a toddler boy to expose his bare boy parts, a video she uploaded to Snapchat. All three would later claim it was just a joke. You have to know that even if something seems funny at the time, anything to do with naked kid videos is simply a horrible idea. Most especially when you’re the daycare workers supervising his care.

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follow site Day was the first party to the video arrested for her role in filming and uploading. Day was booked into the local jail on what is a gross misdemeanor for exposing kids private parts. Something far less than child porn charges, but something much more than enough to get you fired from your job and never work in the same job again. Which seems only reasonable given the lack of judgment.

prezzo viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Bologna Acelero Learning Academy hosted an emergency meeting for parents of the facility, which as you might imagine, did not go over super smoothly. As one dad described:

viagra 25mg “I go into the meeting and as soon as, I could see people kind of like distraught. First thing I heard, one of the teachers was arrested (Thursday) for putting one of the kid’s genitals on the internet. Right then you could just (see) everybody started panicked gasping.”

comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Firenze Fancy that. Because sexual misdeeds and broken bones are the only two things that will end your daycare business. Just those two things. And despite the rote letter put out by Acelero regarding the incident and arrests, rest assured, they didn’t drill the basics into their employees sharply enough.

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