Daring Blonde Steals Car Back from Women Who Stole Her Car

http://learningradiology.com/medstudents/pharmacy.html Discount Pharmacy Online Among the kinds of women you never want to mess with — dog rescuers. Animal women in general, but dog rescuers who are also moms without men present anywhere on their social accounts are among the stalwart hard-asses of this universe.

Danielle Reno had removed her young daughter from her 4Runner when a surprisingly fat, 30-something woman jumped into the driver’s seat and took off with the car and all of Reno’s possessions, including her phone, her keys, and wallet.

Reno reported the car theft, but rather than let the local Kansas City, Missouri cops take it from there, or even cancel her main credit card, she and her pet squad force tracked the thief, and later her buddies who joy-rode with her. They stalked her online by following where she was using Reno’s credit card.

Danielle is a committed dog rescuer in Kansas City, MO.

Naturally, being white trash amateur thieves, the thief and her lady friends were mostly buying beer at the local gas stations and hitting up restaurants to eat during their bender.

For two days Reno and her lady dog squad went to every location where a credit card popped and asked the owners to show them videotape. From there, they got a good idea of how the robber ladies looked.

They caught their big break when Reno visited a gas station store where her card had been used and the clerk there remembered the unattractive lady thieves. Additionally, he recalled the slobs mentioning they were going to Applebee’s later on. Like they would dine anywhere else.

Danielle Reno and her friends were on the case.

Reno and her friend set up in the nearest Applebee’s to the mart and waited patiently. And, bingo. In walks the fat chick thief and some of her wayward friends for food on Reno’s dog rescue company credit card.

Rather than confront the women, Reno got the idea to first, steal back her car. When the women settled in at Applebee’s for a couple of racks of re-heated frozen ribs and some cocktails, Reno hit the parking lot and retook her 4Runner. She drove a safe distance away from the restaurant and called the cops.

Naturally, Reno filmed the entire ordeal for Facebook.

In successive videos, Reno explained how nasty her car was when recovered. Beer and worn underwear seemed to be the bigger offenses. And she reveled in the arrest of the three women who had stolen her car and cards. There was also a dude in the thief mix but apparently, he came on board later and was not arrested (despite having a rape warrant outstanding).

So, despite Reno’s car being totaled by what she calls “grossness”, this story has a happy ending. You kind of know what likely would’ve happened if she left the catching-the-thief part to the police. They’re busy people.

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