Danielle Baggett Arrested

Danielle Baggett wins the “nice try” award for her excuse as to why people visiting her kept overdosing at the Sarasota home. Police picked the 37-year-old up on April 11 after Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies responded to seven ODs, including her own, across a short period of time, Fox News reports.

Baggett tried to convince authorities that, despite her name being among the known drug abusers, she was providing a service of sorts and actually trying to “clean up” illegal activities around the house. It is worth noting here that the seven overdoses were only a portion of the 33 times officers were called out to the residence since Baggett started living there.

(And you thought it was hard to buy a house.)

Sarasota County deputy at scene of arrest. Image via Fox13.

The reality — and this is something the police affidavit speaks to — is that Baggett was running a good old-fashioned flop house where people could go to get high off whatever might have been lying around handy. Going from recovery of evidence at the scene, it appears heroin and fentanyl were the primary drugs of choice with Baggett charging a “cover fee” to visitors that included drugs in place of cash.

Thus far, Baggett faces a charge of maintaining a nuisance dwelling, but you have to assume more will be coming given the volume of drug content involved. In fact, the Bradenton Herald, the first newspaper to report on the story, has confirmed as much.

In the more detailed BH account, victims were said to have used heroin “sometimes cut with methamphetamine, sometimes with fentanyl” prior to overdosing.

“Three of the overdoses happened one day after the next. Baggett was at the house each time deputies would respond and resuscitate them. One of the victims said he was dragged from the house and left in the front yard as he was overdosing,” the news site states.

It may come as a surprise to you that with such a sterling track record, Baggett has prior arrests for marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, dealing in stolen property and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was taken to the Sarasota County jail and released the next day on a $1,500 bond.

(Featured Image: Sarasota County Jail)