Dance Instructor Lauren Anne Debenedetta Busted for ‘Bringing Soup’ Home to Her Teen Student

go site The growing phenomenon of female teachers and instructors engaging in illicit affairs with underaged students has largely been grown woman with teen boy, but we’ve seen more and more instances of same-sex criminal coupling. Equal opportunity underaged seduction form these invariably well-groomed and well-heeled grown women daring to bend the rules of polite society in quest of their sexual and emotional desires. Such is the case with Lauren Anne Debenedetta, who runs the Haven Dance instructional studio for girls five to eighteen in North Point, Florida. Debenedetta a NYU graduate and former professional dancer in New York moved to Southwest Florida to instruct tons of young girls in the art of classic and modern dance in her studio. You can see from the promotional neighborly video the place is all about teaching the girls the right way to dance:

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levitra originale effetto 36 ore Perhaps the wrong way to dance is having a romantic relationship with at least one of your students. Debenedetta was busted in the home of one of her fifteen year old students who was home sick from school. Under the pretense of bringing the ailing girl some homemade soup, Debenedetta visited the teen alone in her home. The girl’s stepfather happened to return to the home to check on her and found Debenedetta hiding in his stepdaughter’s room, rather undressed. I’m not for giving criminals advice on how not to get busted, but I do remember being a sneaky teen with a teen girlfriend being covert around parents’ homes. The best advice: don’t be naked.

generic brand cialis Police were called in to interview the girl who explained she and her dance instructor had an ongoing fling that involved “kissing and other sexual acts” both in her home and outside the home. Debenedetta had also purchased her student a cellphone with which they communicated romantic messages back and forth. Which would all be super sweet and lesbian beautiful were it not for the criminal statutes.

long term use prednisone side effects Debenedetta has been charged with molestation which strikes me as something less than you might hear had this been a male teacher found naked in the home of one of his underaged female students. Lack of penetration aside, the offenses seem similar in thought and deed. Given that Debenedetta runs a dance studio for female children, you’d have to expect her business might take a slight hint. Although, competitive stage moms may surprise you with their practicality. Also expect that tons of young girls who’ve attended Haven Dance will be interviewed by police because common sense tells you that Debenedetta’s boldness in her “soup” plot strikes of a woman who’s not a rookie. There will likely be others.

get link What lesson can be learned from this story? Equal opportunity perhaps. Whatever you thought couldn’t be possible is definitely possible. Consider a nunnery for your daughters. Wait, I’ve heard stories about those places.

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