Oh, back about 12 years ago a Toronto area police car rolled up on steamed up windows on a car parked in a local shopping area. They uncovered inside a then 20-something, Cheryl Lee Thompson, a dance instructor, and her female student, who was either 12 or recently turned 13 at the time. The cops believed they saw the two making out, enough for an investigation of the suspicions, but when the girl in question made a videotaped statement that nothing untoward was taking place in the vehicle, the case was not pursued further against Thompson.

go Cut to this year when the same girl, now 25, felt the need to go to the authorities and insist that not only where she and Thompson making out in that car, but that she, the young girl, would often bathe at Thompson’s abode where much kissing and caressing took place. The now 25-year old claims this relationship carried on for several months during the winter of 2007-2008. Obviously the accusation is doubly troubling since Thompson was a dance instructor of numerous young girls at both her own little private studio and working out of another location as a contractor. We always wonder about guys who work in sports or dance that involves girls and young women. As we should. We generally accept that all women involved are kosher. Maybe more so, but clearly not 100-hundred percent.

here For her part, Thompson claims she was a straight as an arrow 20-something with a happy boyfriend at the time of the alleged sexual assaults on the girl and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The trial is ongoing, to resume next week. Assume authorities are speaking to as many of Thompson’s former girl clients as possible to see if they can find a witness and or a second victim. There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of corroboration outside of personal testimony now about events 11 years ago. We’ll keep you updated.

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