Crystal Brooke Howell, 20, admitted in a North Carolina court on Monday that she killed her father when she was but 17. Her father, Michael Howell, 50, had formerly worked for a paper as a sports editor. One day, as her father took a nap, she took a shot gun and blasted him in the head. She then concealed his body in a plastic container with she kept in a storage shed, and sold the shotgun. She told friends that her dad had killed himself, and that it was okay to use the house since it was all technically all hers now.

Image: Haywood County Sheriff's Office
Image: Haywood County Sheriff’s Office

And boy, did she use that house. She put a stripper pole in the kitchen, and she and her friends held drug-fueled ragers every night. After about a month, the money to run out, and she soon asked her mother if she could move in with her. Her mother obliged and she showed up with her dad’s car, packed full of her things, three days later. However, she had entrusted some acquaintances to tidy up, allowing them to put various bins full of belongings into storage. One of them enlisted a friend to help him move an arcade machine into the shed, leading them to stumble upon the corpse of Crystal’s dad. They turned her in.

Crystal’s aunt indicated that the girl was mentally ill, but did not elaborate. Crystal will now spend 30 years in prison.