Crazy New Jersey Woman Sexually Assaults and Murders An Elderly Lady

buy meldonium online Australia With Caroline Beckert, don’t expect anybody who knew her to offer up one of those, “She seemed so nice, we didn’t see this coming” type comments about her recent criminally insane actions.

see The 40-year old, Old Bridge, New Jersey resident essentially confessed to sexually assaulting, robbing, and murdering a 70-year old woman with whom she was acquainted in some manner. The details of the matter are gruesome and disturbing, and with Beckert’s pathology, perhaps expected.

It’s Not Known How Beckert Knew Her Victim

take too much viagra As of yet, law enforcement has no information on how Caroline Beckert knew her victim, Joann Cullinan, 70, only that they were not complete strangers.

Joann Cullinan, the elderly victim.

see url On the night of May 22nd, a person who turned out to be Beckert herself called the Old Bridge police department to report Cullinan’s death at her apartment. Not sure whether she felt extreme guilt after the crime or she’s simply so mentally unstable she reported herself to the police. Police arrived to discover a rather gruesome scene. Cullinan had been murdered with a combination of a knife and a drawer — make of that what you will. Cullinan had also been sexually penetrated with an umbrella. Whether that was pre or post-mortem has yet to be released, but you can imagine the violence at the scene. Additionally, Beckert had stolen fifteen dollars from Cullinan which she had on her person.

Beckert Had A Very Obvious History of Mental Illness

go A review of Caroline Beckert’s past several years depicts a woman in dire need of supervised mental health treatment.

watch Beckert’s own social media channels depicted the depths of her troubling mental state. By her own admission, she had recently tried to become a police officer with the Old Bridge Police but was turned down for reasons you can imagine. Additionally, Beckert photographed herself after being turned down trying to join the Air Force at a local recruiting station. She claimed they told her she was too old to enlist.

Caroline Beckert’s Instagram account is chock full of crazy art

viagra cheap buy Beckert’s Instagram profile contains stories of multiple attempts at committing suicide in the past several years. This included once being in a coma from sepsis shock post-suicide attempt. After this time, Beckert became a found-junk artist of some kind, or in her own mind. For bonus insanity, she would rant about government mind control.

Caroline Beckert Arrested on Multiple Felonies

Beckert was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated sexual assault and second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. You can presume her defense attorney will be asking for multiple rounds of sanity reviews in relation to this process.

Caroline Beckert was a ticking time bomb

We live in a country that has a decidedly poor handle on the mental health of its adult population. Not merely the resources available, but an intelligent manner in which to protect the Constitutional rights of the mentally troubled while also providing for the public safety of the population. If you live in an area with large vagrant populations, you’re well aware of this issue daily.

We can’t merely lock up every person who’s cuckoo but has never hurt anybody else. And we can’t have insane people raping old ladies with umbrellas and murdering them with drawers thanks to voices in their heads. Tough one, that isn’t being addressed in the least by anybody of power

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