Crazy Baby-Talking Lady Running Against Ilhan Omar in Minnesota Arrested on Mega-Shoplifting Charges

levitra online This story is fun insomuch as the upshot is, at least one Minnesota Congressional district is so effing screwed.

follow site The seat is currently held by Ilhan Omar. No matter how you may feel about her specific policy perspective, she does appear to have immigrated to the United States under a false name, married her own brother to get him into the country, and filed multiple misleading tax returns. Those are the alleged crimes, even above and beyond what appears to be her anti-Semitic personal opinions.

Is this woman ready to be in Congress (or headed off to kindergarten?)

Aiming to be Omar’s usurper in the next election is Danielle Stella a woman the righties have rallied behind simply because, on paper, she says and lists all the proper policy prescriptions. Or the exact opposite of Omar on every single issue. Plus she wears a massive crucifix, so she’s good people.

However, upon closer inspection, which is always dangerous with people running for Congress, she appears to be a whack job who speaks in a baby voice, has trouble articulating herself, and now we learn was arrested multiple times this past year for shoplifting. And not just any kind of shoplifting, but the $2700 worth of merchandise from Target kind. Do you realize how hard it is even to hold $2700 worth of Target merchandise? That’s my Target shopping budget for five years, and I buy everything I buy at Target.

Stella hasn’t denied the shoplifting charges, only stating that she will be proven innocent eventually on them. At the same time, she’s stated publicly that she is cloudy about what happened at Target that day, only remembering entering the store, but not leaving, as an offshoot of her PTSD from childhood sexual assault. So, in short, she means, she’s hoping she will be proven innocent by reason of mental illness. That’s an above-the-fold keeper for the “put me on the Armed Services Committee in Washington” resume.

Besides Target, Stella is accused of stealing cat tick spray from another store. So, she’s a cat person. In case you’re the only person unable to glean that from the rest of her persona.

Danielle Stella maybe 8-years old and identifying as a 31-year old.

Next year, heavyset Minnesotans in the district will be faced with a tough choice, a shady hateful person who married her own brother, or a shady crazy person who speaks like a nine-year-old asking if this seat is taken on the short bus to school. Good luck, Minnesota.

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