Crazed Vegan Judith Moriah Armstrong Crashes Her Car Into Chicken Truck

source site It’s always been difficult for us meat eaters to wrap our brains around the concept of the vegan lifestyle. While we would certainly never begrudge someone else their dietary choices, meat is just so friggin’ delicious.

follow Judith Moriah Armstrong, however, has notĀ gotten that message. According to a report from HeatStreet, the 26-year-old rammed her car into a truck carrying chicken. Then she did it again. Police were called and managed to track her down to her home. At first, she tried to say the collision — sorry, collisions — were accidents. Then, she would not come out unless officers could produce a warrant.

generic cialis 30 mg Eventually, Armstrong emerged and admitted to doing the deed intentionally, then said it was because she was a vegan. While that may in fact be true, another factor in the accident that can’t be discounted is the “couple of shots” she had prior to the assault. Police tested her BAC at the station and found she still had a .089, which is above the legal limit. (Yum.) Gotta admit there is a bit of confusion here. How is a vegan doing a truck full of living organisms any good by ramming them with her car? Perhaps that’s where the BAC comes into play. No doubt the vegan lifestyle can be a controversial one. Recently, a 33-year-old woman obsessed with her lifestyle was arrested for feeding her baby nothing but fruits and nuts, Fox2Now reports. The child reportedly did not have the use of his handsĀ along with other impaired motor skills. He also had a severe rash that concerned both the boy’s aunt and his father, who ended up taking him to the hospital. The mom continues to be free, but will face a preliminary hearing in the near future. Dad has custody of the child as he probably should until someone gets that mom a sandwich.

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