Corrina Carr of Springfield Vermont was stopped with a cohort heading northbound in her F-150 on a Massachusetts freeway wherein police found 901 bags of alleged heroin. Alleged heroin is like heroin only nobody’s tested it yet in the lab or at home with their girlfriend while watching an Oliver Stone movie and freaking out. The baggies were stamped with the word “jungle” and featured a tiger logo. Go figure. Maybe an exotic Asian foot powder.

For those not following national events, there’s a rather massive prescription and narcotics drug habit ravaging northern New England of late. Trump mentioned it during the primaries because while it receives little news attention, it’s all anybody up there talks about when you ask them if they’ve got problems. The addictions rates are extraordinary and defy the pastoral setting and maple tree syrup sapping Normal Rockwell images of the Northeast.

Somebody has to bring that product northward from its likely Mexican origins. That person would be Corrina Carr, allegedly. From her Facebook page she seems like a normal Vermont mom. Sort of like Walter White seemed like a normal chemistry teacher. You never really know what people are up to in their free time. Let alone what people may be capable of when facing hardships, financial or otherwise, in their life. Easy money is a lure, no doubt. One truck run and all your problems are fixed. Or not. You’ve got to make sure that truck doesn’t have broken tail lights or a grimy license plate covering up the numbers, as in this case. Clearly not a pro.

In addition to her arrest on the 901 bags of alleged heroin, Corrina Carr was busted for not wearing her seat belt. Not sure if that carries the same Federal sentencing minimums as major narcotic trafficking, but let that be a lesson to felons everywhere. Click it or ticket. Massachusetts State Troopers are thorough mofos.

Photo: Corrina Carr/Facebook