Alyssa Jo Staats Sentenced

Alyssa Jo Staats worked as a corrections officer for Johnson County, Mo., the Kansas City Star reports. But that all changed last year when the 25-year-old was charged with having “unlawful sexual relations” with an adult offender in the department’s Therapeutic Community, which is an intensive drug treatment program.

Last December, Staats reportedly pled no contest to the charges and was found guilty of amended charges, which included “trafficking contraband in a correctional facility, obstructing a law enforcement officer and lewd and lascivious behavior,” the news site notes.

On Monday, she received a sentence of six months in jail — something the judge referred to as “shock time,” though we’re pretty sure electrodes are not going to be involved. Going from the mugshot, however, it seems to be working. Staats looks positively terrified and not at all like a lady in uniform. After the six months are up, Staats will be on probation for another two years.

Really hope this is official business.

A previous report from the paper notes that the incidents occurred in 2015 between June 1 and Dec. 2. Staats’ position was that of corrections adviser for the department from April until Dec. 2 at the residential center. “She was charged under a Kansas law that makes it illegal for an employee or volunteer of a corrections facility or jail to have sexual contact with an offender even if the contact is consensual,” reporter Tony Rizzo writes.

Both were adults at the time of the contact.

If it seems like female prison guards are having more and more sex with the inmates they’re supposed to oversee, that’s because they are. At least there are enough examples for a trend as Vice noted in this 2015 piece, which, by the way, doesn’t even mention Staats yet somehow manages to piece together a longform piece in spite of the omission.

In the article entitled, “Why Do Female Prison Guards Keep Having Sex with Inmates?,” the investigative reporting website posed that question to a female corrections officer, who remarked that “A lot of them are single mothers who are looking to fill a void in their lives, whether it be not having a spouse, or a father figure on the outside.”

Whatever the case, it’s probably not a good idea to mix business and pleasure when pleasure can shiv you in the kidney when you’re not looking.

(Featured Image: Johnson County Jail)