Cops in Tulsa Still Busting Female Workers in Massage Parlors

how to buy best price pfizer viagra online uk Not to suggest that Tulsa, Oklahoma cops might enjoy sting operations in massage parlors, but they do seem to be in the news a lot for reeling in ladies performing the extra dollar rub and tugs at strip mall outlets where everybody pretty much knows the game.

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comprare viagra generico pagamento online a Verona According to reports, the Tulsa police set up vice operations at the Phase 2 Massage Parlor and the Phase 3 Massage Parlor, presumably under similar ownership, because they had a hot tip of child trafficking. It’s the new crack in terms of police excuses for busting in doors.

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enter Police took down the two establishments and arrested two fully grown women, Rachel Austen and Katrina Hamilton. Based on social media accounts, both women seem to be relatively stable individuals with other jobs working the parlor circuit for some extra cash. Hamilton in particular appears to be college educated and married with a young kid, with a multi-year work history at various medical and retail establishments. Highly likely the family needed some cash and she took on the burden via massage parlor work. Now she’s been arrested. Congratulations.

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see It’s not that sex work is some glorious pastime that ought be celebrated. But a ton of people do a ton of things they’re not super proud of to pay the rent, or buy their kid clothes, or make ends meet. Nobody does this for fun. And adults can make their own decision about paying a strange woman to tug your privates and that woman deciding she’ll take the money for such an arrangement. Not exactly an international illicit arms deal leading to the death of millions of innocents. There are six-figure number of sex offenders unregistered and wandering the nation. Priorities might be in order.
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