Convicted Murderer, Verônica Verone de Paiva, Wins Prison Beauty Pageant

buy viagra no prescription You have to imagine winning a beauty pageant in a woman’s prison isn’t the greatest challenge in life. Have you been to a woman’s prison before? Don’t judge me. While local jails may be filled with reasonably attractive hookers, DUI pickups, and weed possessors, hardcore prisons are no beauty contest. Except in this particular case.

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before then buy discount lasix Verônica Verone de Paiva was eighteen in 2011 when she was convicted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, of killing her married lover in their motel room with a belt. Apparently, she hung him. Which has never truly been explained to me in terms of mechanics of a murder. In her defense, the teenaged student said that her 33-year old married businessman boyfriend was attempting to rape her and it was all self-defense. Nobody bit on that and she was given a 15 year stretch for murder.

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before then buy can from i propecia tablets who Cut to seven years later, and not long before she’s been scheduled for early release thanks to, apparently, joining a reading program in prison that gets you half-time, and Verone de Paiva, now 25, entered what must be a very auspicious glamour pageant at the prison and took home the sash. Just look at her mom beaming with pride.

source Not sure what Verone de Paiva has planned post-release, but if it’s more beauty pageants, she might want to address those tattoos. Ankle tats bonus on the inside, not so much on the outside.

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