Concerns that Female Sex Fiend Teacher, Tiffany Eichler, Is Receiving Special Prosecutorial Treatment Tiffany Eichler, 36, stands accused of having had sex with “multiple” teenage boys at McKinley High School in Canton, Ohio, where she teaches and coaches softball. The married mom of four children has apparently admitted to having had sex with the boys beginning in January of this year, including twice on the same day with one boy, and once in the park during a parent-teacher conference. That one probably needs to be explained better. Yet Eichler has yet to be indicted on any counts. There are concerns from numerous quarters that Eichler is being given preferential treatment compared to her male teacher peers arrested for similar charges.

does propecia really work In a recent editorial in the Canton Repository paper, editor Todd Porter delves a bit into the inconsistency of treatment for Eichler compared to her underaged student philandering male teacher counterparts of recent times. Fortunately, so many teachers are now having sexual imbroglios with their teen students, we have the data with which to draw comparisons. Or is that unfortunately?

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accutane side effects lawsuit center In speaking to local prosecutors and Eichler’s defense attorney, there seems to be an understanding between parties that a plea deal will be worked out as to sentencing for the charges, to which Eichler has already confessed. At the moment, Eichler is insisting that one of the parents of one of the boys she slept with has attempted to extort her for money. That would have no bearing on her crimes, but perhaps it’s something she’s asking be looked into as part of her own deal. Already police reports on the matter detail one of the boys asking Eichler for $180 for anti-biotic medicine for an unspecified condition. If you’re not guessing STD, you have no idea why a virgin boy might be demanding help from the teacher twice his age shtupping him in the basement of her home.
Tiffany Eichler couldn’t keep her moist parts off of the boys in her class.

levitra 20 mg senza ricetta online The conclusion seems to be that Eichler is a married mom of four, represents no flight risk, and unlike her male counterparts, she has confessed to her illicit sexual behavior. Therefore, she need not be indicted and perhaps an entire long and expensive legal ordeal can be avoided in her case. Once you indict, a whole bunch of other balls begin rolling. This argument may seem reasonable, though it’s hard not to note how the whole “mom” and “female” elements do seem to provide perps of this gender more favorable sentencing in the least when the time comes. Whether this double standard is based on stats or evidence of recidivism or is merely a cultural bias remains unclear.

cialis generico legale Either way, Eichler’s lost her teaching career for forever, is almost certainly going to be registered as a sex offender, will likely be sued by the boy she gave the crusty pee-pee, and is going to spend some time behind bars. That seems like a lot for wanting teen male bodies beneath her. Whether or not it’s less than what men receive in similar creepy teacher-student sex situations is hard to fathom objectively.

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