Colorado Teacher, Michelle Grissom, Doxxed After Calling Wrong Covington Catholic Kid ‘Hitler Youth’

usa pharmacy viagra There’s a huge internal conflict going on these days in millions of people between their professional occupation and reputation, and the need to be exaggeratedly partisan and political on social media to fit in with the social bubble of choice. If you’re a Hollywood actor, there’s no price to calling whoever you want horrible names online because odds are your current or future employers agree with your rant, regardless of its accuracy. Same for New York journalists and bloggers. You’re solid. But you get to middle America and even your own protective klatch may not protect you from being called out for your nasty call-outs on Twitter. Michelle Grissom taught social studies at Mountain Ridge Middle School in Highlands Ranch, or teaches still according to her ongoing paycheck, though her actually classroom future remains in doubt. Over this past weekend, the social studies teacher who insists on LinkedIn that… I teach cultural and global awareness. I educate future generations about the goings on of the world and love every minute of it.

– Michelle Grissom

go … Tweeted a photo of the Covington Catholic high school students at the Pro Life rally incident in D.C, and misidentified one of the students in the photo as a student who attends that school but was not in D.C. at the time, and suggested he was off at his Hitler-youth training program. That’s a rude social media tag to wake up to if you’re the random high school kid.

accutane causing pupils to get smaller The kid’s father took to Twitter to assure Grissom that his son was at a basketball game in Kentucky at the time of the rally in D.C., and that regardless of her feelings about the kids there, she needed to retract her mini-Doxxing of his son. Grissom defended her position for some time, insisting she didn’t believe the dad and that her Hitler-youth tag would stand.

before then buy cialis without prescription Subsequently, somebody broke through her wall of crazy and convinced her she was wrong in her ID, and she posted a super-duper sincere apology to the family of the boy she’s misidentified online. Or, in short, please don’t sue me, I’m just a poor teacher.

get link Obviously, as online overreactions go, Grissom herself became the subject of counter “hate” and many called for her firing for merely being a middle-aged teacher at a Denver area school calling kids at other schools Nazis. That’s not in the job description per se. Other more karmic groups re-doxxed Grissom, providing all of her personal contact information to anybody who wanted to direct breathless angry phone calls her way. As a result, Grissom, who also serves as a senior rep for the local teachers union, took a paid leave of absence from Mountain Ridge Middle School and educating future generations about global awareness to go into some kind of hiding. It’s unclear if she will actually suffer any official consequences from her school, given that she already felt comfortable enough to be the kind of person she was within that school now as a near twenty year veteran teacher. Likely among like minded persons.

Viagra 25 mg in vendita This story does serve as a solid reminder that college-educated white professional women, as a massive generalization, are becoming increasingly crazy in this nation as it related to social and political communications.

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