Colorado Preschool Teacher Arrested for Molesting Child

follow url Lake County public preschool teacher, Sally Glaser, 63, was taken into custody and charged with sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, sexual assault on a child, unlawful sexual contact and child abuse.

planet drugs viagra Glaser teaches at a preschool in Leadville, Colorado. It’s not known if the child in question is one of her preschool students, but the child in question is four years of age and female.

Sally Glaser Denies All Charges

sildenafil viagra drug It’s unclear what initiated the investigation into charges against Glaser. Through her attorney, the older preschool teacher denies all charges. “I’ve never done anything to hurt this little girl. This just tears me up.”

– Sally Glaser, speaking after her arrest

how to buy canadian levitra cheap Obviously she has no such pedophile criminal record or she would not currently be teaching. 63 is a rather elderly age to begin rape. The Lake County School District sent out a letter to parents assuring them that Glaser would not be allowed back at work or on campus until the legal charges against her were resolved.

enter The courts made zero contact with any juveniles a condition of Glaser’s release on bond pending further adjudication. As for the parents of the girl victim, they are quite convinced and very vocal about the charges against Glaser.

levitra use for women This one feels kind of 50-50. We’ll keep you updated.

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