Nicole Carmon Arrested

Colorado mom Nicole Carmon should probably get a primer on post-accident procedure following a recent supposed scrape-up she had in her hometown of Thorton. Usually when you get in a fender bender, you have to go through a basic checklist: observe the damage, exchange insurance information, call the police, wait for them to arrive if necessary, and, most important of all, don’t leave your 2-year-old stuck in the back seat for the next seven hours. Police believe Carmon failed in every respect. But that’s not all.

Authorities said there was no sign of an accident on the vehicle. It seems Carmon was “disoriented” after an accident that didn’t occur, caught a ride with a friend, and called police herself the next morning when she realized the child wasn’t with her.

Carmon’s son, as we’ve established, is just a toddler, so hardly capable of removing his restraints — assuming he had any — and definitely incapable of opening the door and running to safety. Making matters worse, this is December. In Colorado. Which means, if it isn’t freezing now, it soon will be; and that’s what the little tot had to contend with all night.

The neglect led to some frostbite and hypothermia as temperatures fell, hitting 23 degrees at one point, but thankfully the little guy is going to be okay (at least until he figures out who his mother is).

ABC13 spoke to officers, who described the child as “distressed,” which isn’t surprising since a 2-year-old will melt down over you loading his favorite spatula in the dishwasher. Being turned into a human popsicle is several degrees worse than that.

The news site also notes that a judge will weigh in on the repercussions for Carmon, who is 26 years old and definitely old enough to know better. There are a lot of variables that could affect the outcome at this point. Which illegal substances were in her system? Does she have a history of neglect? Insurance policy out on the child?

While “hot car death” parents are all too common, some are able to play the “baby was sleeping and I forgot” defense. That’s gonna be hard to pull off here without being able to say you’re jacked up on coke or have a sudden verifiable bout of amnesia.

(Featured Image: Thorton Police Department)