Colorado Female Teacher Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Teen Student

buy viagra no prescription This may be hard to believe, but this criminal arrest of yet another female teacher across our beloved nation involves lusting for teens, some very poor decision making, and, of course, Snapchat.

go site Arapahoe High School track coach and Spanish teacher, Sarah Elise Porter, 24, was arrested for hounding a 16-year old boy on the track team for sex, including sending him nude and masturbatory videos on Snapchat, and when that failed, threatening him with repercussions if he didn’t concede. A little junior lady Harvey Weinstein type.

Sarah Elise Porter Demanded Sex from the Student

viagra drug uses Porter apparently began her sex conquest odyssey by messaging the male track team member via Snapchat. If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat, it was the preferred app of teenagers to transmit illicit photos and messages to one another for sex and drugs, and now it’s the same, only teachers looking to get laid by students are using it as well. Naturally, those communications quickly became indecent, including naked photos and, according to the male student, masturbation videos. That seems to be the new communication tool of teachers grooming their young students for criminal sexual activities.

find cheap viagra Though Porter and the boy never officially had sex, it appeared imminent when she cornered him in an office at the school and threatened him with reprisals if he didn’t give her some nookie. She was interrupted ever so rudely via phone by her track coach boss as she was making her way toward home base, causing a cessation to sexual assault activities.

Another Student Spotted the Inappropriate Contact

metoprolol drug interactions viagra According to police reports, an anonymous student at the school witnessed some of the kissy kissy foreplay between Porter and her track team young meat and reported it to Safe2Tell, a Colorado Education anon tip line to report fellow classmates looking to Columbine 2.0. Or in this case, a teacher and student making out in a dark office at school.

Typically you think of male gym coaches as the aggressors,
but Porky’s taught us that the lady coaches are up to the same naughty thoughts.

informazioni viagra generico a Parma That tip led to a report first to Porter’s boss, the head track coach, to whom she basically confessed her sins. Though she did note she had her tank top on during her masturbation videos. So, style points or decorum points? I’m not sure.

click In further interviews, Porter confessed to a social worker that she got deep into foreplay with the boy that afternoon in the office before being pulled away by the phone call from the head track coach. Presumably she confessed this with more disappointment than remorse.

Sarah Elise Porter Arrested for Inappropriate Relations With a Student

viagra usa Porter was charged under the statute forbidden teachers from having sex with students. While the age of consent in Colorado is 17, the brainiacs there determined that if you’re 16, you can still have sex with somebody up to 26 (and if you’re 15, somebody up to 19), hence, this was not standard sexual assault of a minor. Also, Porter was nailed for her transmission of her diddling selfies to the underaged minor. No fun of any kind I suppose.

canadian generic viagra buy online As always, we are left wondering what goes through the minds of these female teachers whence upon they set to commit criminal sexual acts. In particular in this case, where the teen boy isn’t even enamored of his horny 20-something teacher. Rather than rejection, goes full predator mode.

Anybody who ever tells you men are the sole predators that walk this planet, point to ever growing numbers of stories such as these. As women gain more positions of power in our nation’s institutions, they are proving to be far more harassment and assault motivated than perhaps previously thought of based on gender alone.

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