Coaty Bankston, Hot Alabama Woman Arrested for Motel Murder

cialis generico in contrassegno There are certain situations where you will be found by the cops with a smoking gun and a dead body and be immediately typecast. One of those is in an Extend-A-Suites motel room in Mobile, Alabama as a young woman with an older man.

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Motel in Mobile, Alabama where shooting took place (ref: Google Maps) Coaty Bankston, who Bankston herself advises on her Facebook page, is pronounced as the more traditional men’s name, Cody, was arrested for murder at the motel after people reported hearing an argument on the second floor of the lodging followed by multiple gunshots. That’s the time to hunker down in your own room. Also, pray the young lady you picked up for the evening yourself isn’t packing and having a bad evening.

levitra generic international mail order Bankston has previous multiple arrests on petty crimes of theft and trespassing and some vehicular offenses. Nothing to suggest she goes around murdering people. But something to suggest that at age twenty-four, she’s not been traveling the straight and narrow path specifically. Because life is unfair, everybody stereotypes attractive young women as high maintenance and troublesome. Nobody ever equates them with cold blooded murder. Or even hot blooded murder. There’s the assumption that they have better options and don’t need to get involved with this nonsense. Though sometimes, business is business.

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comprare levitra contrassegno online Bankston is currently in custody while awaiting a bond hearing on March 22. Since she’s the live one and the other guy in the room is dead, look for any half-decent attorney advising Bankston to start spinning tales of self-defense and fumbling for weapons. The old Alabama would’ve convicted Bankston in an hour. The new Alabama lives in a virtual worldwide social web that will see many political and support groups rushing to her defense. This website wouldn’t have a name if it weren’t for the ability of attractive young brunettes to get away with murder.
Coaty Bankston posted normally on Facebook as recently as two weeks ago.
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