using levitra past expiration date You may recall the 2017 case of Knoxville, Tennessee high school football coach’s wife, Kelsey McCarter. 27 at the time, Kelsey kept the home-fires burning while husband Justin coached ball at South-Doyle High School. Among two of the better players on the team were two brothers, a senior and a sophomore, who the McCarter’s allowed to live at their home for an extended period of time to provide them a more stable home life. That stability naturally include Kelsey McCarter having an ongoing sexual relationship in her car and at home with the sophomore brother. No clue why she chose the younger brother for her naughty humping needs, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

go to link In 2017, McCarter basically agreed to plea guilty to multiple counts of statutory rape of the boy who was 15 at the time of their intensive horizontal playtime. In exchange, McCarter received a three year sentence and some formulae that would likely see her not serve all of that time. As her attorney noted at the time, McCarter was a young women with so much life ahead of her to improve and live. No word on the even younger sex partner with even more life ahead of him. But so it goes with gender double standards in teacher-student sex crimes sentencing.

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accutane causing my hands to rash Cut to 2018, and the boy and his family are civilly suing Kelsey McCarter for $2 million for all that sexual aggression slash emotional damage. If you’ve been following all these teacher sex cases, you know now that once we get past the criminal phase, the lawsuits against school districts and the offending teacher’s themselves are almost a sure thing now. Generally the teachers don’t have big cash on hand like school districts, but they might own homes or assets that can be seized.

source link For her part, McCarter and her attorney are asking a judge to throw out the civil suit from the family based on the simple fact that the boy loved the sex. That sounds both stupid and obviously true. As in, the coach’s wife really should be in a position to be classifying her sex life with a high school sophomore on the team. But obviously the case that the teen boy was digging the scrump time with his coach’s hot wife and caretaker. McCarter’s attorney point out how the kid kept coming back for more and when the time came he had to move out of her home, he desperately wanted back in and continued to approach McCarter for sex to secure his return. So, there’s that. We’ll keep you posted on how this turns out, you know, for precedent sake.