Chrystie Fitchner, the Infamous Lap Dancing Teacher, Doing All Right These Many Years Later Harken back if you would to 2010. A simpler time. Or almost exactly like today. When every tabloid and major media outlet alike was searching for story-bait and covering the travails of hot female teachers in trouble alongside news of politics and war and economic collapses. There was no Trump, and headlines still had to be filled with something. Hence, the story of Chrystie Fitchner, the Winnipeg, Canada high school teacher resigned after a too-sexy teacher on teacher dance at the school pep rally became big news. There was video, and in 2010, this was still the exception rather than the norm.

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cheap viagra online Fitchner taught dance and various sports at the school and for some reason decided an impromptu, unscripted lap-dance spoof with a temp male teacher would be just the thing to rev the students up before the big game. Fitchner was 33 at the time and likely unaware whilst the male teacher was simulating oral sex upon her that somebody was filming the entire monkey business. She claimed the dance idea was the dude’s, which sounds right, though once you start gyrating salaciously in front of the student body at 11am, regardless of the occasion, there’s going to be consequences.

go to link Fitchner resigned from the school shortly thereafter. She claims she suffered a retaliation blackballing from the educational system in the area that her male counterpart did not. She says, there’s no real proof of this, other than the male teacher did not have his temp contract renewed and was never heard from again. Nevertheless, Fitchner insists she was mocked, exiled, and became broke and living on the streets following the world wide coverage of her strip club homage.

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see Eight years later Fitchner decided upon an interview with Canadian press to let them know she’s married to a firefighter, has two little girls, and is doing groovy, though she insists she has to use her married name for all job applications even for substitute teaching in her new smallish hometown. This fact may jibe with a new study that shows women slut shame other women far more often than men do, because it’s hard to imagine a school official of the male gender holding a lap dance of years ago against an experienced and attractive female teacher. I might be projecting.

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is there generic levitra It’s unfortunate that Fitchner suffered any consequences as she committed no crime, and injured no party. Though clearly deep seated grinding among teachers is not allowed on school property, most especially at assemblies. In the very least, among all the stories of randy female teachers we cover, at least she had a partner who wasn’t half her age. Fight on, Fitchner.
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