Christine Anne Koosmann Arrested

Christine Anne Koosmann and boyfriend Blake Adam Fleisig have apparently never heard of that whole 9/11 thing. If they had, then they would probably know that an airplane is the worst possible place in the world to get in touch with your inner asshole. Nevertheless, the pair were removed from Delta flight 2565 from Minneapolis.

The dingbat duo were heading back to their home base in Los Angeles when pilots redirected the flight to the departure destination and escorted both into police custody. The incident, as most are these days, was caught on video (see above), and if Santa Claus had seen this thing, well, he definitely would have been passing over their house for the holidays.

In the video, the boyfriend can be seen in a scuffle with another passenger. Ms. Koosmann, on the other hand, was going after bigger game than one of her fellow passengers. She can be heard/seen throwing curses at a police officer, which is about as good of an idea as disrupting a flight in a post-9/11 world.

That said, don’t expect either of these two knuckleheads to do hard time. All the charges they are currently facing are misdemeanors with Koosmann getting ticketed for disorderly conduct and police obstruction. Her boyfriend was ticketed for disorderly conduct through brawling or fighting. Both are now out of jail, but the Internet never forgets, which shouldn’t bode well for any job applications.

No biggie, though.

Even if someone like Koosmann or her boyfriend did pass through the hiring process, it would be only a matter of time before they blew up at a co-worker or boss. If airplanes and police officers aren’t enough to put a fright into someone, what is?

As an aside, Koosmann likely has one thing to brag about now that she has been bailed out of jail. According to Fox News, the total bail amount was set at $78, which has to be the lowest ever recorded. While all the charges were misdemeanors, we’ve never quite seen it go that low.

Perhaps use the extra savings on some anger management classes? Just a suggestion.

(Featured Image: Hennepin County Jail)