click Presumably, most people who get into the kenneling business do so because they love animals. But where does love end and criminal bestiality begin? Oh, about the time you remove the front toenails of your Doberman in order to have sex with him. Not really a fine law at all. Dramatic line.

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read and buy vardenafil from online pharmacy href Christina Patterson, 42, and husband, Richard Patterson, 48, of Suffolk, Virginia, stand accused of such acts, with that tiny bit of evidence known as sex tapes in the closet containing visual imagery of the couple getting it on with their Doberman named, Demon. Oh, Demon, you poor sonuvabitch. And you thought the invite into the master bedroom was going to be a different kind of special.

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lasix 100mg These kooky bestiality kids might’ve gotten away with their interspecies sex games were it not for the fact that Richard Patterson was under investigation by the Feds for dealing in firearms, a no-no given his past felony convictions. He was eventually charged in that matter and given a stiff prison sentence. And during the course of seizing evidence, agents came upon the tapes of the Pattersons having a very different kind of Game Night experience with poor ole Demon. That evidence was presumably passed along to local cops who took well over a year to finally bring charges for bestiality and animal cruelty, first against Christina last Fall, and this past week against Richard, already in the clink on the firearms violations. We won’t know until March 1 how Christina Patterson intends to plea. Kind of a rough gamble to let a jury of your Virginia peers see videotape evidence of you doing the nasty with your dog. Especially given that you used to be a kennel owner and God knows how many other animals in your care got the Rich and Christina sandwich through the years. Cop a plea.

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lasix not generic Christina Patterson has been complaining about violent threats she and her children had received, which unfortunately, especially unfortunate as it relates to the kids, is the price of everybody in your NextDoor zone discovering you’ve been raping your Doberman on camera. A real stinker result for the Patterson kids. Pray for them, and Demon’s backside.