female cialis from online drugstore (Photo above: teen students from Beaumont High School produced a video depicting a night of drinking and drunk driving leading to death and dismemberment)

enter If you didn’t know the regularity at which teachers of the female gender are now having sexual relations with their underaged teen students in American high schools, you might think, what are the odds two separate teachers from the same high school would be arrested in two unrelated incidents of sex with a minor student within a few weeks of each other? We do know the regularity, so this is hardly surprising. Beaumont High School in California isn’t even the first high school with such multiple incidents distinction we’ve covered in the past year in regard to teacher-student illicit sexual relations.

accutane muscles An English teacher officially listed as Christina Mei Austin, 37, on the roster and payroll, though we’re told this may be an alias (for last name, Jacobson), was sought by police on warrant for sexual relations with a sixteen year old student from Beaumont High School. Specifically, the charges are oral copulation and penetration with a foreign object. Don’t freak, that doesn’t mean a Cronenberg freaky metal object. It could be as simple as a finger of an enormous dildo nicknamed ‘Hector’.

comprare viagra generico spedizione veloce a Torino Police went to Austin’s residence where they discovered she has left or moved out and issued a warrant for her arrest. She was picked up subsequently during a traffic stop in La Canada-Flintridge, a town about an hour away from the high school.

Samantha Lee Ciotta was arrested in late September, for sex with a teen boy at Beaumont High School.

farmacia viagra generico 25 mg a Genova Weeks ago we reported on the arrest of teacher and Beaumont cheer coach Samantha Lee Ciotta, arrested for very much the same crimes as Austin, though Ciotta’s underaged student sex partner was male. She’s currently out on bail awaiting trial. Austin was placed under a far more restrictive $500,000 bail likely due to her intent to evade arrest and likely won’t be leaving jail before her arraignment today, October 4th.


cialis generico serve la ricetta While schools have to issue pointless statements regarding their commitment to student safety when their teachers get arrested for sex with students, they have to really produce a knockout press release when two separate teachers only weeks apart are arrested for violating teen students:

enter site The District is deeply troubled by the recent allegations of staff misconduct with students, and we understand that our parents, students, and staff are very concerned. We want to assure our Beaumont school community that our number one priority is the safety and well-being of each student. To provide support, we will have counseling services available for any student who feels they need to talk through this situation. Any student requesting this service should contact their school counselor.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=prezzo-viagra-generico-200-mg-pagamento-online-a-Firenze Now, if the counselors start knocking boots with the students, there might be a Code Red called to take out the senior staff.

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Beaumont High School was also recently the subject of a female student protest about the right to go braless in the school. A sixteen year old student, Remy Altuna, protested the Vice-Principal insisting she’d get leers if she wore a low cut braless top. As if that’s the biggest concern for sixteen year old girls at Beaumont High School. Try that teacher foreign object penetration thing. Ah, high school. So much less fun when it used to be about math and history and science.