Christina El Moussa has a shitty reality show called Flip or Flop where her and her husband she can’t stand pretend to flip houses. Your girlfriend or wife probably loves it. They also pretend to like sports. You don’t pretend to like Flip or Flop. Who has more integrity?

Christina and her husband Tarek El Moussa, who is afforded the fantasy that he has a real career as part of a Saudi money laundering operation, are going through a divorce. This is apparently causing her to act out in strange ways such as eating over sixty calories a day and buying her adolescent daughter G strings and then making her wear them in a professional photo shoot so she can promote a certain swimwear line on Instagram.

This was not met well by her Instagram followers, who are really sensitive to this type of thing yet are too affected by regular insulin crashes to realize the lawnmower man is regularly molesting each of their thirteen children.

It’s definitely gross to dress your daughter up in a bikini and use her as a prop in an Instagram advertisement. In Christina El Moussa’s defense, she probably doesn’t have thoughts. Your dog doesn’t reflect upon why he likes chasing a stick. He just does it.

TV producers recognize this type of unshackled crazy and immediately underpay them for reality TV shows. Is that a donut in your daughter’s hand, why not a Subway footlong? There are no rules to selling.