Christina Albini Sent Naked Yoga Photos to Her Middle School Student (Then Did Even More)

here Christina Albini taught middle school at Christ the King in Ontario, Canada. She also was adamant about keeping up with her yoga. In fact, it was at her yoga studio where she first decided to snap naked photos of herself and send them along to a thirteen year old boy from the school with whom she had begun a flirtatious social media conversation. It’s one of those moments when you really ought try to imagine how that kid’s parents might respond to ever seeing such pictures from a 43-year old teacher at the school. She didn’t. And that would be her downfall.

acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Verona Not long after the naughty photos were flying, Albini would pick the boy up in her purple Dodge Charger, to be completely inconspicuous, and take him back to her place for sex. First oral, then intercourse, then intercourse set to bad Canadian pop music. The natural progression. All of it illegal.

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go site When the boy’s parents did ultimately take note of the naked yoga photos sent by Albini via Whatsapp and Kik, they immediately went to the police. Well, the first two minutes were likely a ton of WTFs, then straight to the mounties. Albini was arrested forthwith.

dosage for accutane The boy was able to describe the interior of Albini’s home and how she would pick him up around the corner from his house not to raise suspicions. That’s a giveaway. Also the purple muscle car. Albini had purchased the boy a whole set of awesome middle school boy gifts like a cellphone, Xbox, and cool clothes. The boy victim noted to police he saw Albini at first as a mother figure. I think he means awesome mother figure who buys you Nike and an XBox. Though later she does want to show you how to have sex with her after school. There’s no such thing as free video games. Albini pled guilty today in a Canadian court that will decide her ultimate fate. She disputed no facts in the case, rather, throwing herself on the mercy of the court as an aging blond bombshell with an obvious car and an unfortunate choice of much younger boyfriends. It’s Canada. She’ll do six months on a ranch.

brand free levitra price Photo credit: CBC Canada

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