You may recall the case of Andrea Nicole Baber, then 30, the music teacher at a Christian school in Oregon who late in December of 2017 was arrested on multiple charges related to an ongoing sexual relationship with a 15-year old boy at the parochial school. The affair was uncovered by others when the parents of the boy received nude photos of their son and Baber which seemingly came from Baber’s then husband who had walked in on the two at their home in the midst of their illegal tryst. At the time we wondered why the husband sent the evidence to the kid’s home instead of the police; that remains an unexplained matter.

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follow url Regardless, all of the charges (including providing the kid booze an weed, as any good Christian school teacher will do) were dropped, save for three counts of third degree sexual assault, which was how Baber copped and ended and this proceeding. This week she was sentenced to 20 months in prison on those three counts and she’s likely going to lose her clear path to heaven, not to mention her ability to teach children ever again.

watch At the time of the arrest, we reminded people that while there may be some cosmic generalization that less illicit sex occurs at religious schools, there’s no evidence to support such a claim, and in fact, the very public matter of at least the Catholic Church in relation to young teen might suggest it’s the opposite. That being said, nobody suspect the married Christian school music teacher of engaging in reckless and wild illicit sexual relationships with teen boys. At least not until she’s arrested and pleads guilty to such. The rules are, there are no rules.